All about the user

User-friendliness is of the utmost importance to us. This is most evident in the front side of the applications we develop, the User Interface. To ensure our UI specialists maintain unwavering focus on this, we always use layered models, separating the frontend from the backend. Our web frontends are developed in PHP, often using frameworks like Bootstrap and/or Angular. We also have the knowledge and knowhow to develop Mobile Apps.

The platform: the backend

Fusely backends are developed in Java, with more or less reliance on a microservices-based architecture. This way, we improve the quality of the software and simplify the release management process.

Authorization: For user authentication and Service2Service authentication, with support for OAuth and various 2-way authentication types.

Help: For providing help functionality to the users.

Translation: For the in-app translation of both static and dynamic texts.

Communication: For internal communication between users (in-app) and external to the outside world, with support for various types and platforms.

Various microservices in the field of, for example, ranking, dynamic surveys, document generation and reporting.

Quality assurance and DevOps

In the development and implementation of applications, Fusely uses Google Cloud or Amazon WebServices as the underlying platform. To safeguard the development process, we use the Atlassian Suite throughout. For more information, ask for our Fusely QOps.


Fusely is a strong collaboration between specialists in communication, professional education, and ICT. Together, we share at least one passion: lifelong learning. Our services and solutions are therefore entirely focussed on helping organisations and students to make learning easier and more fun.